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    The target audience Utrecht

    A total of 352,866 inhabitants live in Utrecht (municipality). Of these, 172,857 (49%) are men and 180,009 (51%) are women. Fairly anything! In Utrecht (municipality) we can advertise via in 35 newspapers. This allows us to reach about 264,650 residents of Utrecht (municipality) via the local news.

    There are 37545 entrepreneurs living in Utrecht (municipality). So 11% of the population is an entrepreneur. You have also come to the right place for business advertisements.

    Naturally residents of all age groups live in Utrecht (municipality). These are divided as follows.

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    Are you an entrepreneur / marketing specialist who wants to bring his brand, product or service to the attention inUtrecht ? Then advertising via Equote is certainly a suitable option. At Equote we work together with the local editorial staffUtrecht so that your message is translated correctly. 

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