Becoming a publisher?

Do you want to earn money with your website? You can, via Equote advertisements or sponsored posts.

Do you want to earn more money with your own website now? Then become a member of the Equote network for free and sell blogs to all our customers!

How does it work?

If you want to publish sponsored posts on your website, you can receive requests from us. These posts usually contain backlinks that lead to the client’s website. Based on the quality of your website, we jointly agree on a good price with you.

Why you should sell through Equote?

Equote is unique because our clients are mainly online agencies. This means that your website reaches more than 1000 marketing agencies through mails and the like. These online marketers then look for a match between their own customers and your website. Your website is thus directly presented to a huge number of end customers who might be interested in placing a post on your website.

You have it in your hands

In order to guarantee the quality on your website, you can have us reject or change a request at any time. This way, the content will always fit on your website. So content will never be placed on your website that you yourself do not agree with!

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What kind of content can I expect as an editor?
That depends entirely on the topic of your website. If your website is in the field of housing, you will mainly receive enquiries from companies that deal with housing. Usually, the content is related to the theme of your website.
Do you publish adult content?
When it comes to adult content, we do not post erotic content. If you do not want to receive adult content at all, that is also possible.

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