To improve the visibility of a website in a search engine, a good SEO strategy is indispensable. Off-page SEO or linkbuilding cannot be missing in this process, and we make it easy for you here at Equote.

As a marketing agency or SEO specialist, it can be quite difficult to find the right backlinks for a suitable website, especially if the website has already acquired quite a few backlinks in the past. That’s why we expand our link building network every month, not only in Germany but also throughout the rest of the world. In this way, we grow with you as a link building agency and can keep prices as low as possible because we buy in bulk.

Whitelabel linkbuilding

Especially for marketing agencies and independent SEO specialists we work with whitelabel. This means that we take linkbuilding partly or completely off your hands and publish sponsored posts/links on the websites we have agreed on beforehand. The published posts/links are reported monthly and can therefore easily be passed on to the client.

International linkbuilding

Many companies are active in several countries. For this, an international SEO strategy is essential. With our international backlink database, international linkbuilding becomes easy. This way you can increase your findability in search engines in all countries of the world.


Do I get a separate invoice for each link?

No, we usually invoice monthly. All links ordered in that month are then included in a collective invoice. If required, you can also do this separately.

Do I always have to select the backlinks myself?

You don’t have to. We work for many companies on a suggestion basis. In this case, we make a monthly suggestion with blogs/partner links. You can then evaluate this proposal yourself and pass on any adjustments. Only when everything is agreed the texts are written and published.

Are the links permanently published?

No, we usually invoice monthly. All links ordered in that month are then included in a collective invoice. If required, you can also do this separately.

Are the links permanently published?

No, we usually invoice monthly. All links ordered in that month are then included in a collective invoice. If required, you can also do this separately.


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Everything you need to know about link building and backlinks


The term “backlink” stands for a link that originates from one domain and is connected to another. These so-called hyperlinks help users to navigate through the wide web of the internet. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” and can be both internal and external.

Why buy SEO backlinks?

If you want to be on top of the search engine, you can’t avoid the term backlinks. Of course, you have to invest something for this, either a lot of time or money, but in return you also benefit from higher organic traffic on the respective website in the end. You can painstakingly try to build contacts with other websites to exchange backlinks with each other, or you can get help from a company that helps you with a huge database. This saves a lot of time and effort that you can invest in other projects.

Why backlinks are important for SEO?

Search engines like Google consider backlinks as a kind of recommendation for your website, as they show that other websites find your content valuable and are willing to link to it. This leads to you ranking higher in search queries and therefore more users clicking on your website. “Ranking without links is really, really hard. “Not impossible, but very hard” concludes Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes. This clearly shows that even Google, the largest search engine in the world, wants to make it clear that without the right backlinks, a good Google ranking is difficult to achieve.

How do search engines determine that something is relevant?

Search engines use so-called crawlers, these are also called bots and act as automated computer programs that read and index websites and their information. The path that these crawlers take through the vastness of the internet has similarities to a spider’s web. This is why crawlers are often visually represented as spiders. Crawlers are essential to any search engine because they index content and make it findable. They are crucial when it comes to how relevant any website is ranked by the search engine. For the crawlers, backlinks are taken as a particular indication of how relevant a website is. The link profile of a website is one of the most important ranking factors in search engine optimisation.

How do I get backlinks?

By contacting a wide range of different website publishers, you agree with the respective website owner to publish a guest article on their website, or you insert a backlink into an already existing article. If the information on your website is very helpful, other websites may also link to it because of this, but this is difficult to achieve, especially for small to medium sized websites. Companies like ours have specialised in building a database of thousands of website publishers where clients can select suitable linking opportunities. This makes it easy and straightforward for website publishers to find quality backlinks that are exactly right for their website.

How important are matching backlinks?

The more high-quality backlinks your website has, the more relevant it will be ranked in the search engine. But what exactly is a high-quality backlink? There are six important points: Relevance, authority, naturalness, the anchor text, traffic and quality.


The backlink should come from a website that is relevant in your niche or industry. A backlink from a website that is in a different field is considered inferior. Identify your niche to prevent irrelevant backlinks.


Websites with high domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) tend to have more influence and can give your ranking a bigger boost. You can view and compare these metrics in our database.


A high-quality backlink should look natural and not be manipulated. This means that it has been created by an organic connection between your website and the linking website. So the appropriate anchor text is crucial.

Anchor text

The anchor text (the text that is clickable on the link) should be relevant and descriptive. Anchor text such as “click here” is not very useful to search engines and may be considered inferior. The anchor should be a keyword, i.e. a word for which you want to rank higher in the search engine. The more the anchor is integrated into the text, the more the search engine can associate a meaningful context with it.


A website that backlinks to your website should also generate traffic. Backlinks from websites with a lot of traffic are usually more valuable than backlinks from websites with little traffic. If a website attracts more users to your website each month, Google will rank you with a higher trust.


The website linking to your website should be of high quality and have a high standard of security and usability. Whether a website is considered high quality depends on many different factors, such as the age of the website, the quality of the content and the domain authority. Backlinks from low-quality or spam websites can hurt your ranking.

How do you build backlinks?

Building backlinks organically works by providing unique and high quality content that other websites want to link to because, for example, you provide some expertise on a topic. The easier, but also more expensive way works through so-called link building companies that help you connect with suitable website publishers. You can either write a guest article yourself or have these companies write a guest article that will be published on the website. You can then insert the desired anchor point in this SEO text that matches your desired topic.

How many backlinks do you need?

There is no set number of backlinks you need, however, the more the better, but quantity does not equal quality. It is important to only refer high-quality backlinks to your own website that are tailored to the website niche. Because not every backlink has a positive influence on the search engine ranking. If a spam website or a website outside the niche links to the website, this can harm the ranking.

Changes in the link building market in recent years

One of the most important changes was the introduction of the Google Penguin algorithm in 2012, which focused on the quality of backlinks and cracked down on spam links. Since then, Google has released several updates to ensure that only high-quality backlinks improve a website’s rank. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also play an important role in link building these days as it allows users to share and link to content. This has helped websites to generate more traffic and increase their online visibility through social media platforms. Overall, link building has evolved in recent years from a practice aimed at getting as many links as possible to one that focuses on creating quality content and gaining natural, relevant and high-quality backlinks.

How do you perform a backlink analysis?

A backlink analysis is an important part of the SEO process as it helps to assess the quality and quantity of a website’s backlinks. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a backlink analysis:

  1. Use a tool: There are various tools that can help in conducting a backlink analysis. Some of the most popular tools are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz and Majestic. Choose a platform and sign up.
  2. Analyse the backlinks: The tool will show you a list of backlinks that are displayed on the website. Analyse the number of backlinks, the quality of the backlinks, the anchor text, the domain authority and the page authority of the linking websites.
  3. Identify bad SEO backlinks: Check the list of backlinks for bad links. These may be links that come from websites with a poor reputation or from spam websites. These links can have a negative impact on the ranking of the website.
  4. Remove bad SEO backlinks: If you have identified bad backlinks, you should remove them. You can contact the website owner and ask them to remove the link or you can send a disavow link to Google to instruct Google to ignore the link.
  5. Check the competition: Also analyse your competitors’ backlinks to see which websites are linking to you. You can use this information to get backlinks from these websites as well.

Regular backlink analysis helps to improve the quality and quantity of your website’s backlinks and increase your ranking in search results.

Buy backlinks, how does it work?

Buy backlinks via Equote

Equote is a link building portal that makes it as easy as possible for you to find the right SEO backlinks for your website from our huge database of website publishers. You can easily register on our website with your email address to get access to our database. Buying backlinks is easy, you just send us an email with your chosen websites and we take care of the rest. From writing the article to publishing it, all you have to do is pay us after the article is published.

Prices when buying backlinks

The prices of SEO backlinks vary greatly as it depends on many factors. As already described above, it depends very much on the quality of the backlink, assuming it comes from a website that has a lot of traffic and a good domain authority (DA) as well as page authority (PA), the backlink will accordingly also cost more, as it is considered to be of high quality. However, since Google is placing more and more value on SEO backlinks coming from trustworthy websites, it is worth spending a little more money on high-quality backlinks. Typically, prices start at 50 € and go into the five-digit range. When making your selection, pay particular attention to the personal price-performance ratio. In addition, it also depends on your niche, because depending on the topic of the website, there are more expensive or cheaper options, as some keywords are considered more valuable, it is also more expensive to promote them.

The advantages of buying backlinks from Equote

It’s simple, straightforward and saves a lot of time as you can examine various metrics and statistical data in our database according to any filters that can help you make a decision. Due to the close contact we maintain with website publishers, we can always provide you with the best and most up-to-date prices. In addition, we are by your side and happy to advise you if you need any help.

The disadvantages of buying backlinks

If you buy low-quality backlinks, it can devalue your website and have a negative impact on your ranking. In some cases, buying backlinks can result in a penalty that excludes your website from search results. To prevent this, we can help you find the right backlinks to match your website. With the technical data we have on the websites, we know exactly which websites are high quality and therefore you will only find the best selection with us.

What are dofollow or nofollow links?

What is a dofollow link?

A dofollow link is a link that allows search engines to transfer the authority of the linking site to the linked site. When a website places a dofollow link to another page, it signals to search engines that the linked page should be considered trustworthy or relevant and deserves a higher position in search results.

What is a Nofollow Link?

A nofollow link is a link that does not transfer the authority of the linking page to the linked page. This means that search engines do not rank the linked page as trustworthy or relevant and the page’s position in search results is not increased. Nofollow links can be used to prevent search engines from including certain links in the web index. For example, a blogger may place a nofollow link to a sponsored website to avoid that website being interpreted by search engines as being part of his own site and thus violating the advertising guidelines. Overall, nofollow links provide a way to control the quality of links and combat spamming techniques that aim to artificially increase a website’s position in search results.

Why are relevant backlinks important?

Why is relevance important to Google?

Google is a service that always wants to show its users the most useful search result first. The more users, the more money Google can make from your advertising partners, so relevance plays a big issue for any search engine. In order to display the most relevant search results first, search engines have developed strategies to classify websites as relevant or irrelevant. Relevant backlinks give Google the confidence to show the website higher in the search bar because other websites in the same niche link to that website. Google thus trusts the opinion of other trustworthy websites, but as soon as a website classified as distrusted by Google refers to a website with the help of a backlink, this has the opposite effect.

The German backlink market

In Germany, more importance is generally attached to the relevance and quality of backlinks than in some other countries. This means that when creating backlinks, German companies and agencies make sure that they come from websites with a similar theme and have a high quality standard.

Niche websites are often more important in Germany than in other countries. This means that there is a higher demand here for backlinks from smaller websites that focus on specific subject areas.

Local backlinks are often more important in Germany than in other countries because many companies here also operate locally. This means that when creating backlinks, German companies and agencies make sure that they come from websites that are based in the same region or city.

Germany has stricter regulations for link building than some other countries. This means that German companies and agencies need to make sure they follow the rules when building backlinks to avoid penalties from search engines like Google.

Different categories in link building and strategies

There are different categories in link building that can be used depending on the objective and strategy. Here are some of the most important categories:

  1. Natural backlinks: These are backlinks that are linked to from other websites based on the quality and relevance of the content of one’s website. Natural backlinks are usually the most valuable backlinks as they come from trusted and authoritative sources.
  2. Outreach links: These are backlinks that are gained by actively reaching out to other website owners or bloggers. The goal is to establish a connection and get them to link to your website.
  3. Guest posts: This is a strategy of publishing content on other websites to get a backlink to one’s own website. However, guest posts should only be published on relevant and trusted websites.Broken link building: This strategy involves looking for
  4. broken or defunct links on other websites. These website owners are then contacted and offered a new, relevant link to their own website.
  5. Social media links: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to share content and links and thus increase traffic to one’s own website.

Depending on the objective and strategy, a combination of these categories can be used in link building to improve the ranking of one’s own website in search results and increase traffic.