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Karlo Blaauw

As co-founder, Karlo is the master of spreadsheets and finance. Without this formula specialist, the prices, metrics and categories in our database would be all over the place and useless for anything.

In his spare time, he passionately raises a glass and occasionally goes to the gym.

Jaron Veldhuis

As co-founder of Equote, Jaron is responsible for marketing at Equote. With this marketing fanatic, we are always moving forward and improving.

In his spare time, Jaron mainly deadlifts and swings his supple hips during salsa lessons.

Henny Steen

Henny is the right hand for both Karlo and Jaron. She is the creative mind behind the production of our link building projects. She also knows more about social media than Jaron & Karlo combined and is therefore also responsible for this.

In her free time, Henny is passionate about shopping and watching series.

Jesse Postma

Jesse is our content specialist and co-responsible for the implementation of our link building projects. Nothing is impossible for this creative blogger and he makes our clients very happy.

In his spare time, Jesse is a real Gen-Z kid. He likes to scroll through Instagram, and meet up with his friends.

Ulaş Beşok

Ulaş is our specialist for international assignments; among other things, he is responsible for content production and acquisition. He is also a master of the spreadsheet formula book and, together with Karlo, makes sure our database stays nice and clean.

In his spare time, Ulaş devotes his energy to lifting weights and having a drink or two.